Realmless Bounty HunterRealmless Bounty Hunter


Realmless Bounty Hunter
A sworn knight and holder of a singularity shard, Qhira's only desire is to seek out others who may have escaped the destruction of her doomed home realm, Iresia. While she searches, she gets by as a bounty hunter – a job she loathes, despite her exceptional skill.

Primary Abilities


Unleash your sword in the target direction, continuously dealing 30 damage to enemies caught in its path.

Blood Rage

Passive: Basic Attack and Ability damage cause enemies to bleed for 44 damage over 4 seconds. Stacks 5 times. Active: Qhira deals 32 damage and heals for 85 Health per enemy Hero affected. Damage and healing is increased by 50% per each additional stack on that Hero.

Revolving Sweep

Attach your sword on the first enemy Hero hit, dealing 96 damage and Stunning them for 0.25 seconds. Once attached, Qhira becomes Immune to all effects, swinging around the target for 2.75 seconds and dealing 105 damage to enemies between you and the target. Re-activate to send you to the target's location knocking them away, dealing 108 damage and Stunning them for 0.75 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Unrelenting Strikes

Deal 44 damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 2.5 seconds as your sword grows outward. Upon expiring, deal 160 damage to nearby enemy Heroes and Stun them for 1.5 seconds.

Final Strike

After 1 second, deal 395 damage to enemies in a line. This damage is increased by 25% against enemy Heroes who are below 50% Health.