Rebellious WizardRebellious Wizard


Rebellious Wizard
The derogatory moniker "wizard" is often given to mages with rebellious attitudes or an obsession with power. Li-Ming displays a little of both and she's hardly ashamed of it. After all, who are they to judge a wielder of limitless arcane magic?

Primary Abilities

Magic Missiles

Fire three missiles toward an area, each dealing 147 damage to the first enemy hit. These missiles do 50% damage to Structures.

Arcane Orb

Fire an Orb that powers up as it travels, dealing 135 damage to the first enemy hit. Damage is increased the further it travels, up to 270 more damage.


Teleport a short distance instantly.

Heroic Abilities


Channel a powerful beam, dealing 480 damage over 2.6 seconds to enemies while they are in it. The direction of the beam changes with your mouse cursor position.

Wave of Force

Knock away all enemies from an area and deal 160 damage.