The DestroyerThe Destroyer


The Destroyer
One of the five Dragon Aspects and the leader of the Black Dragonflight, Neltharion the Earth-Warder was once a protector of Azeroth. During the War of the Ancients, he was driven mad by the Old Gods and turned against his former allies. Now known as Deathwing the Destroyer, he has found his way to the Nexus where his limitless rage drives his ultimate goal of widespread destruction and the eventual end of all living things.


Primary Abilities

Molten Flame

After 1.5 seconds, Deathwing breathes a stream of flame, dealing 21 damage every 0.125 seconds. Drains 30 Energy per second.


After 0.75 seconds, Deathwing flaps his wings, dealing 65 damage to nearby enemies. World Breaker: Lava Burst Create a lava pool that damages and Slows


After 0.5 seconds, Deathwing lunges in a direction dealing 38 damage to enemies and Slowing them by 35% for 2 seconds. Deathwing bites enemies at the end of the lunge, dealing an additional 72 damage. World Breaker: Earth Shatter Damage and Stun enemies in two lines


After 3 seconds, fly into the sky, becoming Immune to all effects and gaining 2.5% Health per second. Once cast, this ability cannot be interrupted. Cannot be cast for 4 seconds after taking damage, Basic Attacking or casting an Ability.

Heroic Abilities


After 2 seconds, Deathwing flies in the targeted direction, dealing 90 damage on impact and leaving scorched ground that deals 36 damage a second. Lasts 6 seconds.