Nexomania: Create Your Own Masks!

The legendary combatants of Nexomania all have one thing in common: great masks! We'd like to celebrate their fierce visages by allowing fans of each fighter to create their own! We've provided all of the pieces you'll need for your own masks, as well as some helpful tips to get you in fighting shape!

The Battle Begins!

Here are some members of our Community team trying out the masks for themselves!

Mask Files

Mask-Making Tips!

  • For a more sturdy mask, we recommend printing out the masks onto cardstock or other heavyweight paper.
  • If available, a hot glue gun is great for keeping the masks together, especially La Parca Lunara's roses!
  • To fit the mask to your head, cut a rubberband and attach it to the designated holes in the mask.
  • We recommend using tape and/or sticker dots to reinforce connection points on each mask.
  • A hobby knife will allow you to make the cleanest cuts, which will help with the mask's structural integrity!

Even More Masks!

In addition to the masks based on this year's competitors in Nexomania, we've also created a number of masks based on the Sprays featured in the event! Color your own versions of these masks and show us what you've got!

When you've finished creating your own masks, be sure to share them with us on Twitter by tagging @BlizzHeroes and using #NEXOMANIA! We'll see you in the Nexus!

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