Weekly Collection Update: Feb 27 – Mar 6, 2018

Every week, we place a number of Heroes on sale and swap a fresh set of cosmetics into the featured item rotation. Check out this week’s items and then head in-game to pick up anything that catches your eye.

Hero Sales

We've placed the Heroes listed below on sale for 50% off their usual Gem prices for a limited time.

Hero Sale Price
Sylvanas 312 Gems
Rehgar 312 Gems
Uther 250 Gems

Featured Items

We’ve added several Skins and Mounts to this week’s featured item rotation, meaning they’re available for Gem purchase for a limited time*.

Featured Skins
Ash Primal Queen Kerrigan
Crimson Storm Wolf Rehgar
Night Explorer Li Li
Hyper Turbo Tracer
Viridian Super Sonya
Spectre Thunder Guard Zarya
Wild Raven Sylvanas
Cobalt Cyb’arak Anub’arak
Blazing Lil’ Ragnaros
Featured Mounts
Tan Horse
Cloud Serpent
Hunter Space Lord’s Starbreaker

*While these items are only unlockable using Gems for a limited time, you will still be able to forge them using Shards after they leave the featured item rotation.

Be sure to head to the official Heroes of the Storm website every week, or keep an eye on your Blizzard launcher, to check out our latest Weekly Collection Update.


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