All Shall Burn Beneath the Shadow of D.Va the Destroyer

Take flight with our newest legendary skin, D.Va the Destroyer! Armed with lava-spewing twin Fusion Cannons, along with some fiery new spell effects, sounds, and animations, this new Legendary skin will shatter your expectations and bring a whole new aspect of cool to your collection on October 3, 2017 PDT. 


Starting October 3 PDT, the D.Va the Destroyer Bundle will be purchasable in the shop and all skin variations will be added to Loot Chests.

D.Va the Destroyer Bundle
D.Va Hero
D.Va the Destroyer Skin
D.Va the Destroyerlisk Skin
D.Va the Life-Binder Skin


Why be a worldbreaker when you can be a gamebreaker? We’ll see you in the Nexus with D.Va the Destroyer, Heroes!​

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