Heroes Brawl of the Week, September 1, 2017: Special Delivery

This week’s brawl is Special Delivery -  Ten Tracers, 20 Pulse Pistols, two Cores, but only one victor! Battle it out on our newest Battleground, Hanamura, with a crazy set of custom rules.


  • Everyone is Tracer on our newest Battleground – Hanamura!
  • Core Health and payload damage is quadrupled, including all empowered damage from destroying enemy fortifications.
  • Killing an enemy Tracer deals one damage to that team’s Core, while killing blows from directly landing Pulse Bombs deal two.
  • Pulse Bombs have no delay before exploding.
  • All players start at Level 10 and have access to all talents.
  • Tracer starts with the Total Recall level 20 talent.
  • Capturing the boss deals 10 damage to the enemy core.


  • Core health increased from 28 to 32
  • Empowered shot damage from Fort destruction increased from 4 to 8
  • Boss Core damage increased from 14 to 16
  • Players now start at Level 20 and have access to all talents
  • Blink’s cooldown has been decreased by 50%
  • All players gain 100% Pulse Bomb charge rate from Basic Attacks against Heroes


  • Complete three matches of Special Delivery to earn a Loot Chest!

Find out more about the new Heroes Brawl game mode on our Heroes Brawl site; and as always, you can find more information on this week’s Brawl by clicking the Brawl Info button at the bottom of the play screen when preparing to queue for the Brawl game mode.


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