Heroes of the Storm Black Friday 2016 Details

Black Friday has arrived in the Nexus, and you can save big on new bundles, legendary skins, and even the 360 Day Stimpack, which is making a return this year for a limited time. Our 2016 Black Friday sale begins on Tuesday, November 22 through Monday, November 28, so make sure you pick up anything that catches your eye before these deals disappear!


360 Day Stimpack

Get ready to give your heroes an XP boost and fill your treasure chest to the brim, because the 360 Day Stimpack is back! Pick one up during our Black Friday Sale to enjoy almost a full year of 100% bonus XP and 150% bonus gold. The 360 Day Stimpack is available for $59.89 USD, activates on purchase, and will only be available through November 28 —So, don't miss out!


Legends of the Nexus Bundle

Add a few Legendary Skins and Mounts to your collection with the Legends of the Nexus Bundle, available for $39.99.

Heroes Legendary Skins Mounts
Kerrigan Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan Ghost Speeder
Leoric Space Lord Leoric Space Lord's Starbreaker
Tassadar Mecha Tassadar

Altered War Bundle

Ever wonder what might happen if fate held different plans for some of your favorite Blizzard characters? Find out with the Altered War Bundle, available for $9.99 USD.

Heroes Skins
Arthas Crown Prince Arthas
Illidan Shan'do Illidan
Sonya Wrath Sonya
Sylvanas Ranger-General Sylvanas
Tyrande Blood Elf Tyrande

Legendary Weekly Sale

Item SALE Price
Azmodan $1.99 USD
Tychus $3.24 USD
Azmodunk Legendary Skin $7.49 USD
Infested Tychus Legendary Skin $7.49 USD


You can also check out Black Friday deals across all Blizzard games by clicking here. Have a great week, and we’ll see you in the Nexus!


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