Build Your Ultimate Heroes Team and Unlock the Mechanospider Mount!

Whether you’re gearing up for your very first brawl or you’re already a veteran of the Nexus, it’s always fun to battle alongside your friends. The question is, which Heroes best fit your buddies? Find out and unlock an exclusive reward: the skittering Mechanospider mount!

Heroes of the Storm Team Builder

Heroes of the Storm Team Builder

Form your ultimate quintet and reveal the inner Heroes of you and four of your Facebook friends with the Heroes of the Storm Team Builder! Choose which friends you’d want to accompany you into the Nexus, and then follow the instructions to assign traits that describe your pals—you can be as silly or as serious as you like! Using a little magic and some Gazlowe-approved algorithms, we’ll show you the brawlers best suited to each team member based on the traits you assign to them.

Once you’ve formed your team, you’ll be able to share the results on Facebook and receive a code that you can redeem for your extraordinary eight-legged mount.

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