Super Sonya and Mad Martian Gazlowe Skins Now Available

Whether you're eager to looking to Whirlwind enemies with some extra flare, or have dreamt of owning powerful Rock-It! Turrets that are out of this world – we've got you covered.

We've just released two new Skins: Super Sonya and Mad Martian Gazlowe! So ready up your cooldowns and prepare to jump into the fray in style, because these two Skins are available now, and you can take a closer look at them in the turn-around video below:

New Skins and Bundles

The following items are available now in the Heroes Shop!

New Skins

  • Super Sonya -- $9.99 USD

  • Mad Martian Gazlowe -- $9.99 USD

Mad and Mighty Bundles

Join in the madness with brand new Bundle Packs! Check out the limited-time Bundles listed below, and be sure to pick them up before they're removed from the Shop at a later date.

Mad and Mighty Skin Bundle -- Now $14.98 USD

  • Super Sonya Skin
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe Skin

Mad and Mighty Complete Bundle -- Now $24.72 USD

  • Super Sonya Skin
  • Sonya
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe Skin
  • Gazlowe

Make sure to let us know what you think of Super Sonya and Mad Martian Gazlowe in the comments below!

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