Diablo Heroes Preview


"How tastes your fear, Nephalem?"

- Diablo, The Lord of Terror

Are you eager to wield the might of the fabled Sword of Justice, El'druin? Or perhaps you crave the feel of sowing fear into the hearts of your enemies as the Lord of Terror? Whether you wish to wield a sword, crossbow, mojo, or your bare claws, some of Sanctuary's finest will be available to take the fight to all who would oppose you in the Nexus!

Lightbox_Barbarian_Thumb.png Lightbox_DemonHunter_Thumb.png Lightbox_Diablo_Thumb.png

Lightbox_Tyrael_Thumb.png Lightbox_WitchDoctor_Thumb.png

Which Diablo Hero are you most excited about?  Which others would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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