Heroes Community Resources

Learning from the Best

Whether you’re a Nexus newbie or a MOBA master, the Heroes of the Storm community has all the tools you need to rise straight to the top, including in-depth guides, talent calculators, videos, and tutorials.

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Finding Your Feet in the Nexus

Beginner Guides

Before you can mix it with the best, there are a few things you should know. Check out the community videos below for tips and tricks that’ll give you a head start in Heroes of the Storm.

Get to Know Your Favorite Heroes

Hero Guides

Once you’re feeling at home in the Nexus, you’ll want to learn how to dominate the Battleground with your favorite Heroes. Don’t miss these Hero spotlight videos, guides, and tutorials.

Hitting the Next Level

Advanced Guides

To be the best, your expertise needs to extend beyond your Hero alone. Discover high-level strategies and advanced mechanics in the videos below.

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