In-Development: Fenix, StarCraft Anniversary, and Much More!

Fenix, a new StarCraft Assassin Hero, is set to warp into Heroes of the Storm with our next patch! Alongside his arrival, we’re celebrating StarCraft’s 20th Anniversary, with new portrait rewards, as well as StarCraft-themed bundles, skins, mounts, and much more! Read on to check out everything that’s headed your way as our anniversary celebration kicks off during the week of March 27.

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StarCraft 20th Anniversary

StarCraft’s 20th anniversary is fast approaching, and we’re celebrating two decades of interplanetary conquest, exploration, and the ever-present need to construct additional pylons across the Koprulu sector! Show off your protoss, terran, or zerg pride with new portrait rewards that you can earn by logging in to Heroes of the Storm between March 27 and April 23.

Portrait Rewards

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New Hero: Fenix

Fenix is a new ranged Assassin whose glorious feats in combat as a protoss praetor, and Steward of the Templar, precede him. You can warp Fenix into your collection starting with next week’s patch with a new Heroic Bundle that’s available until April 10. Be sure to stop by Fenix's Hero Page to learn about the Steward of the Templar’s abilities and playstyle.

Epic Ruinwalker Fenix Skins

Rare Fenix Skins

Fenix Heroic Bundle

Hero Skins
Fenix Ruinwalker Fenix
Colossal Ruinwalker Fenix
Withered Ruinwalker Fenix

Fenix Emojis

Protoss Portraits

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New Skins

Epic Skins

Rare Skins

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New Mounts


Umojan Cyber Ram

Celestial Ursa

The Celestial Ursa will replace the Celestial Raptor as the reward for making a first-time purchase of gems.

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New Bundles

Whether you prefer to wield the military might of the terrans, protoss, zerg—or all three—you’ll find the perfect bundle to suit your loyalties. Each of the bundles below will be available for purchase using gems starting the week of March 27, until our StarCraft anniversary celebration concludes on April 23.

StarCraft 20th Anniversary Bundle

Heroes Skins Mounts
Artanis Vengeful Shogun Artanis Zergling
D.Va Goliath D.Va Char Zergling
Kerrigan Heartbreaker Cheerleader Kerrigan Kaldir Zergling
Li-Ming Templar Li Ming
Nova Urban Spectre Nova
Sgt. Hammer Tech War World Sgt. Hammer
Stukov Vice Admiral Stukov
The Butcher The Butcherlisk
Zeratul Exiled Zerg Hunter Zeratul

Protoss 20th Anniversary Bundle

Heroes Skins
Artanis Vengeful Shogun Artanis
Li-Ming Templar Li-Ming
Zeratul Exiled Zerg Hunter Zeratul

Terran 20th Anniversary Bundle

Heroes Skins
D.Va Goliath D.Va
Nova Urban Spectre Nova
Sgt. Hammer Tech War World Sgt. Hammer

Zerg 20th Anniversary Bundle

Heroes Skins
Kerrigan Heartbreaker Cheerleader Kerrigan
Stukov Vice Admiral Stukov
The Butcher The Butcherlisk

Zergling Mount Bundle

Char Zergling
Kaldir Zergling

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New Portraits and Sprays

We've teamed up with our friends at Carbot Animations to bring you a ton of new HeroStorm-themed portraits and sprays in their signature art style! You can unlock them by opening Loot Chests, or by forging them with shards. Claim a few portraits and sprays for your favorite Heroes, and then check out HeroStorm on the Carbot Animations YouTube channel for an animated series that’s sure to brighten your day.

Carbot Portraits

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Carbot Sprays

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We hope you’ll enjoy celebrating StarCraft’s 20th, and showing your enemies the true might of the protoss with Fenix. Until next time, we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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