Heroes Anniversary Contest Winners

To celebrate two years since the gates of the Nexus swung open, we asked you to show off your passion for Heroes of the Storm in our anniversary contests. Gamers from around the globe flexed their creative muscles with some amazing submissions, and members of the community took to the polls to vote for their favorites. With some great prizes on the line, we’re excited to announce the winners!


Hometown Heroes

Winner: Alexander
2nd place: sigmanas 5th place: Monika Repeć 8th place: Sarah Halver
3rd place: ANIK Myriam 6th place: Moon 9th place: Fubbles
4th place: LadyDaftPunk 7th place: Станислав (ShizzOid) 10th place: Dance Party

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Mid-Season Brawl

Winner: Alexander
2nd place: BARTON 5th place: @meowdertsma 8th place: Cerebro
3rd place: Zerodue02 6th place: Dominik Stępień 9th place: shiro
4th place: Merlo 7th place: Anastasiya 10th place: Yolanda

Check out the rest of our winners on the Mid-Season Brawl competition page.


Heroes of Summer

Winner: Brandon Dunn
2nd place: Njay 5th place: Lucky Cristerson 8th place: Alec Thomas
3rd place: Couadu 6th place: Septimus aka Surfer Dude 9th place: Дмитрий
4th place: "It's summer! Can you..." 7th place: 1 10th place: Arkadiusz Jaszkowski

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Visions of the Nexus

Winner: Finargot
2nd place: Fly Mutilate 5th place: Dota2Dude [SFM] 8th place: Hard Pony ™
3rd place: BeardedMurloc 6th place: The Source Code 9th place: khaled kouadria
4th place: Spooksquid 7th place: ButtercupBrix 10th place: itsDair

Check out the rest of our winners on the Visions of the Nexus competition page.


In addition to our weekly contests, we also chose one entry at random from all the submissions received to win a special bonus prize. Congratulations to Marc Freudenberger, who earns a fantastic MSI GT73VR gaming laptop!

All the winners will be contacted via email with more details on claiming their prize soon.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry or voted in our contests.

See you in the Nexus!

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