Road to BlizzCon: Heroes of the Storm European Qualifiers

The 2015 Europe Open is about to start for Heroes of the Storm teams. The best brawlers in Europe will need to prove their worth as they battle it out in open qualifying tournaments taking place in July, August, and September. The top finishers in each of these tournaments will move on to the European Championship, where they’ll be one hot streak away from the World Championship at BlizzCon later this year!

Whether you're a professional team or a group of friends who enjoy gaming together, you’re invited to take part. With several chances to win some prize money and qualify for the European Championship, this is the perfect opportunity to make a splash in the Heroes of the Storm eSports scene.

For details on the qualifiers, prize pool and teams check out the Europe Open hub.

First Qualifier

Event Date Sign Up Closes Prize Pool
Open QualifierVOD July 25-26 July 24 00:01 $15,500
Round of 8 – FinalsVOD August 1-2

Natus Vincere, Team ROCCAT and Virtus.Pro earned spots in European Championship

Second Qualifier

Event Date Sign Up Closes Prize Pool
Open Qualifier - VOD August 15-16 August 13 12:01 $25,100
Round of 8 – FinalsVOD August 22-23

Team Liquid, Bob Question Mark, Gamers2.HotS earned spots in European Championship

Third Qualifer

Event Date Sign Up Closes Prize Pool
Open Qualifier August 29-30 August 27 12:01 $35,400
Round of 8 – Finals September 5-6

1st and 2nd place teams earn a spot in European Championship.

Don’t miss the broadcast on Saturday and Sunday, at 14:00 CEST.

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