Winter Veil Skins, Mount, and Altered Fates-Themed Skins Coming Soon

You won’t have to worry about building a snowman this holiday season, because Winter Veil Jaina has got you covered!

We have a variety of new and exciting skins in development, as well as a festive new mount! Today we are offering you a sneak preview of Winter Veil Jaina, Great-father Winter Rehgar, and while there has been some debate if reindeers are better than people, we can assure you that Reign-Deer will get you where you need to go in the Nexus, in style.

The history we know has also been reimagined in two additional Altered Fates-themed Skins – Betrayer Malfurion and Warden Tyrande!

While these skins and mount are not yet available in our in-game shop, they’ll be coming soon. For now, you can take a closer look at each of these colorful new offerings in the turn-around video below!

We hope you enjoy seeing these new skins and mount, and make sure to let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!

What other characters you’d like to see reimagined with a new fate in mind?

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